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Kevin Fitzgearld

Kevin has been a musician since 3rd grade when he got his first instrument . He was in junior high and high school bands and ensembles. After college he was accepted into the elite Air Force Band. The band toured nine states in the eastern part of the country, performing 2 to 3 times a day. After the Air Force he attended music instrument repair school in Seattle, and went on to work in that field while continuing his performing and community outreach. This job is what brought him to Vancouver in 1985.

A few years later he began his public school teaching experience,teaching high school band and choir along with the visual arts, middle school music programs, and elementary music programs. He organized hundreds of music and fine art programs throughout his  27 year career.Also, during this time Kevin spent 10 years performing and touring with the Army National Guard Band stationed in Portland. He toured the South Pacific and Central America regions, as well as Oregon. He earned the position of NCO Educational Liaison between schools and communities . This position connected diverse distant communities with the joy of music.

He also started his own construction company. Then in 2012 he started the Jam Session™ organization that offers classes for adult musicians wanting to advance their skills in performing with others; starting at Clark College, then expanding to Mount Hood college for five years. Since then he has continued the classes as his own private business. This has given him the opportunity to grow in his relationships with business owners by introducing them to the benefits of supporting arts in their community. 

Kevin received most of his early education through high school in Huntsville, Al.He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance from University of ColoradoHe went on to get a music education degree from Lewis and Clark College and a Master’s degree in administration from WSU Vancouver. 

He is currently involved in bringing music and the arts into the business communities for even more exposure to the public and reward to the artists. He’s volunteering with the Vancouver Downtown Association as well as with the Historic Trust. 

He welcomes the opportunities presented to him to further enhance the business community with his position representing  Business for the Clark County Commission.

Kevin Fitzgearld
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